One new track and some live cuts circa 2021 from Glasgow’s Coffin Mulch, and it’s as gruesome as you’d expect. The new track hits like a sledgehammer to the chest, an HM2-powered slice of old-school death metal chock-full of dense, satisfying riffs and foul, pus-gargling vocals. It all drops wonderfully away at the two-minute mark, descending into a slow, morbid stomp before the band pick up the pace and throw in a brief but ridiculously cool solo. Excellent! The four live tracks (one from their demo and three from the ‘Septic Funeral’ MLP) give off a sense of feral energy as the band hammer savagely away, with Al’s death-grunts occasionally rupturing muckily at the edges to cap off the all-or-nothing vibe. It’s a neat release on two levels: on the one hand showing where the band look to be headed next, while on the other preserving for posterity their ugly, protean form.