How often do you hear a grindcore album that just… washes over you? Weird, isn’t it, that one of heavy metal’s most belligerently uncommercial subgenres can so often sound safe, watery and nondescript. Finland’s Sonic Poison are having precisely none of that, delivering a furious, stab-happy bout of grind that’s so vicious and bloody that it’s impossible to either ignore or forget. Like Siege playing ‘Show No Mercy’ or Sodom colliding with Repulsion circa ‘Horrified’, ‘Eruption’ keeps its foot on the gas while cacklingly loading riff after killer riff into an industrial mincer. Whammy bars are wrung within an inch of their lives and acid-scorched vocals babble and howl, all while guitars saw, hack and drill their way through meat, bone and cartilage. Despite clocking in at around the 20-minute mark ‘Eruption’ honestly feels like an endurance test: a breathless, sickening experience that can only be described as violent.