Sucker though I am for all the death metal shit that explores new cosmic realms, obscure philosophies or sentient mycelial networks, sometimes all you want is for a clawed hand to reach into your stomach and squish the pulpy purple tubes that hide in there. Dripping Decay do exactly this and they do it damn well, messily disgorging riffs hewn from gnawed bones and vocals sticky with an unidentifiable, evil-smelling slime. Tracks have titles like ‘Gut Muncher’, ‘Barf Bag’ and ‘Oozing Into Oblivion’ and they damn well should have: icky, slug-covered things that cackle wildly as lumps of matter slide gooily from their bones. The primitive sounds of Autopsy and Obituary slosh alongside the protean grind of early Carcass, and the band are clearly having a whale of a time as they hammer it all out – all of which makes for a debut LP that’s savage and sickening, but also a whole heap of mouldering, degenerate fun