New Chain Whip, but what’s left to say? 13 tracks of undiluted hardcore punk specifically designed to split your head in half. The band stay true to the sound they’ve successfully established, sounding perhaps more ‘together’ but no less frantic or pissed off. ‘Call Of The Knife’ touches base with Circle Jerks (tuneful; mean), Zeke (garagey; mean) and LP-era Negative Approach (just mean), the band synthesising these elements to create something that sounds ‘classic’ but at the same time distinctly their own. A couple of tracks resurface from the 2020 demo which is fine, but good as they are they feel instantly outshone by the likes of ‘Hatewave’ (a bratty, catchy, yammer ‘n’ yowl with some neat vocal inflections), ‘Re-Decapitated’ and the anthemic, borderline epic ‘State Hornets’. All in all it’s an absolute ripper – simple as that.