Don’t be fooled by its diminutive size: this new EP from Eyeteeth packs one hell of a punch. 

Following in the rather small footsteps of Hellnation’s ‘At War With Emo’, the Crossed Out / Dropdead split and Stack’s ‘Selbstfindungsgruppe’ (a 6″, I know, but what’s an inch between friends…) the band unleash all hell as they blast through six songs in something like three minutes. At thirty seconds a pop there’s no real space for set-up, dynamic or texture: everything just rushes headlong at you, exploding in a violent mess of feedback, breakneck riffs and teeth gnashed down to the stump.

For all its brevity, though, there’s also a seriousness of intent: the short, sharp lyrics convey bitterness, disbelief and a corrosive sense of rage at the simple injustices so many people face on a daily basis. This vengeful ire sinks deep into the music to imbue it with a palpable sense of rage and vitality – not to mention a stink of piss and vinegar so strong it’s capable of rotting through your corneas.