A fearsome and ugly slab of hardcore that’s all gnashed vocals, leaky feedback and stupendously vile bass notes. Members have duked it out with the likes of Assholeparade and Enemy Soil and these experiences definitely seep through, along with influence from 90s acts like Born Against, Excruciating Terror and Crossed Out. Also on display is a numinous, murky sense of heaviness that will forever be associated in my mind with Prank Records – Damad, Scrotum Grinder, Artimus Pyle and all that good stuff. 

Everything has this balled up sort of density to it: hunched and clenched tight, as though the band are either steeling themselves to receive a beating or preparing to dole one out. The only moment of respite comes with the excellent ‘In A Void’, which drops away and disintegrates for a patch that’s brief but somehow enough to give the song a sense of the epic despite its scant two-minute runtime.