Absolutely vicious slab here, which neatly sums up all that’s great about the UK’s current wave of DIY brutality. Burial Rot grunt into life with a borderline anthemic number called ‘Accursed Metropolis’ and it’s clear from the off that they’ve stepped things up since their very decent 2021 demo: tight, punkish, lumbering death metal that gurgles like a drain clogged with human skin. Their four tracks bludgeon and bulldoze, but they’re also unafraid to lob in some Heartwork-esque melodies for good measure. 

Eyeteeth offer up something entirely different while complementing their metalhead buddies perfectly: breathless, scything, powerviolent hardcore that takes its cues from the likes of Dropdead, The Swarm and Left For Dead. Things’re maybe a dab cleaner round the edges than the material on their previous EPs, but they’re still mean as all fuck in terms of sound, delivery and message. Feedback whines like a dentist’s drill about to be taken to your knee, vocals are a glass-gargled mess and the lyrics take both a scalpel and a lumphammer to the worm-riddled shitscape that is the modern British psyche.