In an era when so many hardcore bands are drilling down into tedious minutiae to replicate a specific time-and-place sound, Klonns are odd and refreshing in their ability to morph and change between releases while always sounding themselves. This new 12″ presents further variations on a theme, maintaining the savage directness of last year’s ‘Crow’ EP while beefing things up and bringing more weird into the mix. The meat of ‘Heaven’ comes bookended by two slices of neat, glowering electronica: thick, purposeful, full-weight hardcore that’s mid-way between Death Side and Integrity. The pummel, though, is flecked with momentary guitar scratches and, on tracks like ‘Replica’, slippery bass runs that put me in mind of Gas Chamber.  ‘Realm’ is the absolute standout for me and highlights both the band’s collaborative spirit and their knack for the unexpected: all of a sudden the carnage is split open by guest vocals that begin as an insistent scrabble but become a dominant, throat-crumpling force in their own right.