Hang on a sec, this cd comes crashing in with some rampant midwestmo riffage straight out of a Kossabone Red song, and then it spirals out of control into what sounds like if Braid had sped their instruments up. Wow. Initially this is some seriously good fun for those still stricken with a sound that bands like Spy vs Spy, Pictures Paint Words and Itch have given us. The first song kicks out, although I am a bit put off when it lurches into a Hundred Reasons style chugout at the end, and they seem to show a tendency for that in their songs. Its also goes a bit too wilfully mathy jazz much too much. I am more of a sucker for the twinkly riffage when its played melodically and with a touch more structure, so that combined with the post hardcore tendencies prevent me from enjoying it as much as their forebears, but Meet Me In St. Louis at times have enough control over the free-wheeling nature of their music to make it a listenable experience. Just wish they had leaned more on the style of the opening intro of the first song personally rather than delving at random into other styles that don’t do much for me. The constant change never allows you to settle, and it really begins to grate after while, kind of recalling the first Forstella Ford album. In fact, by the fourth song I was pretty tired of their antics and had lost interest. Especially as the fourth song was rubbish and had none of the interesting elements they exhibited early on. Shame really, as this showed so much promise.

It has to be noted that the promo sheet amusingly lists reviews and comparisons by people who obviously have never heard this style of music before.