Terrific release here from hitherto unknowns Soul Swallower, a band culling their influences from the likes of Infest and Lack Of Interest without ripping off any one band wholesale and creating a nihilist’s wet dream while they go about it. Fast as fuck hardcore parts are brought to crashing halts by bouts of near-metallic gloom or punctured by needling guitar lines and screeches of nerve-rattling feedback, bringing a level of variety to this release that’s missing in so many others. The vocals are some of the most lung-scrapingly harsh I’ve heard in some time, so it’s no surprise that there’s precious little hope or sunshine to be had here. The lyrics’re present bleak, no-nonsense odes to being trapped by life and butting your head against the wall whilst trying to figure out the answers – the perfect finishing touch to a truly fiery little EP.