Hemendex - Reset 2 - CD (2011)

Labels: Geenger Records – IDM Records
Review by: Ted Reynolds

Initial impressions are an electro Devo, with a large glob of Gary Numan. Lyrically I think it’s not that far from the aforementioned comparisons too. Basically its new wave / post punk. Oh yeah and its good. But then I heart Devo. 

It really reminds me of a band called Dink (I think that was their name), I only have a single by them that I stole from a shop in Barnstaple when I was 13 but this reminds me of that, of course I haven’t listened to Dink for about 15 years so I might totally wrong.

The last song ‘microscope’ is stand out good, excellent synth work. I don’t really have anything more to say to be honest, I like it, and if you also like new wave but a bit more electro then you will probs enjoy it.