Rations - How Much Land Does A Man Need? - 7

Labels: 86’d – Drunken Sailor – Eager Beaver – Intense Human Victories – Jerk Store – Lost Cat – Pavones – Rad Girlfriend – square of opposition
Review by: Andy Malcolm

Rations cram 5 songs onto a 45rpm 7″, but that’s not even one for each label that released it. The band plays some melodic punk that at times reminds me of early Small Brown Bike, and at times something a little less over-wrought. “œNo Answer” for instance sounds like if Leatherface had a glockenspiel. This EP is pretty solid, but there is one track in particular that stands out, and that is the title track that wraps things up, it is emo as fuck “” a slow burning builder that repeats over and over, gradually unfolding and then racing away at the end. The rest of this record is decent without being exceptionally noteworthy, probably a by product of 3 of the songs not even making it through to 90 seconds. That one song however is a corker and worth checking out for sure.