Beezewax - South Of Boredom - LP (2019)

Labels: Boss Tuneage – SellOut! Music
Review by: Alex Deller

Truth be told I don’t have too much to add content-wise to what Andy said when this album was originally released, way back in 1999.

At the time I remember feeling slightly swizzed that the band had buffed down some of the graininess that made ‘A Dozen Summits’ so utterly charming … an aural and temporal Norwegian parallel, pretty much, to the hormonal changes The Get Up Kids underwent between ‘Four Minute Mile’ and ‘Something To Write Home About’.

As I sit here, now, though, some 20 years and change later I’m all good with it. There’s nostalgia and warmth and good, simple, syrupy indie pop songwriting that seems able to hit the mark whatever the mood or weather.

Any chance of a ‘Dozen Summits’ vinyl reissue to accompany it, Boss Tuneage?