Slave Hands - No More Feelings - LP (2020)

Labels: Dry Cough – Gate Of Deliria – minoRobscuR – Sewer Prison
Review by: Alex Deller

Someone was (un)kind enough to send the Slave Hands/ Cicutoxin split in for review a while back, so I was at least partly steeled for what lay in store for me with this particular sack o’ woe.

Things, predictably, have not gotten any cheerier. The band trudge, gurn and clang their way through things with a weary sense of desolation, their sludge less the freewheeling, groove-laden variety than that Pessimiser-damaged brand of horror that wields atonality like a crude cudgel and gurgles maliciously if you happen to plead for so much as a stale crumb of melody.

Corrupted and Noothgrush are definite sonic waypoints, and also indicators as to where the general mood is at … not good right now, and highly unlikely to get any better.