Fix - s/t - 7

Labels: Phantom
Review by: Alex Deller

Odd, blustery punk here that bumbles messily about and manages to stay just the right side of quirky. Initially I was kind of put off because there’s a vague whiff of those mostly awful bands who grew out of emo and discovered the Soul Jazz ‘New York Noise’ compilation, but there’s definitely more to that here. Amid the dying robot vocals and incessant sound of hollow plastic blocks being clopped together you get the sense of nth generation Screamers dubs, the more synth-damaged end of the Lumpy back catalogue and the artier inclinations of Sauna Youth or Total Control as viewed from the bottom of the world’s biggest glue bag. It’s not entirely easy to get on with, and vibe-wise it’s a hard to tell whether they’re trying to be annoying, aggressive or failingly amiable, but whichever way you slice things I’m actually kind of into it. Go figure.