Numbskull Action - Mutate With Me* - Tape (2020)

Labels: No*Teen
Review by: Andy Malcolm

Third submission from this lot to the C and this time they have chosen to bribe me with sweets. It’s worked. Also, potentially the first time we have reviewed one of their things in the actual year it was released. Oli Saunders and Alex Deller both had nice things to say about their scruffy, low fidelity garage punk in the years 2015 and 2017, and well, three years down the line Numbskull Action haven’t exactly gone prog or polished things up so much that you can see your face in it. Everything is blown out and possibly reminiscent of a period where I got quite into garage punk, paying obsessional attention to stuff that people on the Terminal Boredom forum found worthy. Lot’s of energy and spirit here, it fits the nihilistic mood whilst I’m a few beers in on week 7 (or so) of lock-down, a soundtrack to being just about ready to resume heavy drinking after managing to do a pretty stand up job of not over-indulging for a while. Let Numbskull Action soundtrack your relapse.