Two contrasting songs on this debut 7″ from NYC’s Jane Doe Ensemble. Opener Pink Liquor is jarring and dischordant, there is melody there but it’s been scrunched up and played about with. It misleads your expectations with a somewhat waltzy beat at first, whilst the appearance of the eerie keys gives the first sense that this might be heading in a more unexpected direction, getting friskier for a bit then dialling it right back. I found it unsettling but couldn’t quite put my finger on why.

Companion track Respect was easier to get to grips with and certainly a more pleasant audio experience, if that’s what you are looking for. I thought it was fantastic myself, bringing a great blend of post punk dynamics and downbeat indie rock sensibility, perhaps in a similar way to wot the mighty Grass Widow once did.

This ended up in our inbox as drummer Aaron Batley played in the excellent Actual Crimes who we covered a couple of times a while back. This is pretty different to that but just as worth investigating.

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