Hands up who is looking for post hardcore with BIG FUCKING RIFFS in 2021? All of you? Excellent. This is the album you’ve been looking for then. They Birds is basically just non stop BIG FUCKING RIFFS, the sort of stuff you’ve been pining for since Kerosene 454 and Burning Airlines hung it up. Perusing their website (an actual band website! not a linktree!) it makes a bit more sense as these are three fellas of a “certain vintage”, I mean how many 19 year olds want to be in a band that sounds like this. Probably 5. The only band I recognised from their history though was the Blue Meanies. This does not sound like them.

So you basically have half an hour of tightly wound music, there’s barely a moment where it gets off pace – barraging along like a heavily loaded diesel freight train on the flat. Making good time. There’s always been something in bands like this that brings to my mind images of locomotion as they power forward. At the same time the song writing smarts just deliver the perfect touches over and over, it’s such a compelling combination of muscle and mind. The excellent vocals are urgent and yelled, and the element that’ll earn them plenty of Jawbox comparisons no doubt. Basically you have all the ingredients for a very special record right here, and if this sounds like it might be your ballpark I can basically guarantee you should settle down with a hotdog and a Pabst Old Style right now and enjoy the game.

Also have to say I love the album art, they birds indeed.