Lacrima - Cartography 7"

When me and the nerds get together on the forums to chat about emo we can be found lamenting the almost total lack of “propermo” that exists in 2021. Please excuse the terminology, it is not intended to be serious. By “propermo” we are referencing bands playing emo that has influence from hardcore punk and sounds like stuff that was at its peak from the mid 90s to the early 2000s. Lacrima are most definitely a propermo band. The music hits fast with plenty of crunch yet also the sweet melodies that bands of this nature always cram in. It’s a combination I have yet to tire of. Whilst the bass scorches in the fashion of something like the Red Scare, the guitars soop and swoar over sung and yelled vocals, creating a sound that should appeal to afficionados of bands such as REDS and Life at These Speeds. It comes as no surprise to learn that people from this band did their time in the likes of Funeral Diner and the Assistant. If you still have space in your life for this sort of nonsense there is absolutely no question that you will be impressed by Lacrima.