Did you like that Crank! / Polyvinyl band from the late 90s called Sundays Best? Yes? Great, here you go, a new band that sounds like that. That’s it. That’s the review.

Flight Mode have a nice line in jangly indie pop/rock that interests me more than the average jangly indie pop/rock band by having a little more gusto to it, with multiple swirling late 90’s indiemo guitar lines blending together to create some delicious melodies. Overall you get a relatively mellow affair, and the pace and volume doesn’t get cranked up although the finisher “Go” sees the guitars soaring in classic Mineral fashion.

TX, ’98 is an intriguing little taster and a very adept take on a style of music that not many people will want to play in 2021 as they are younger and doing their own thing, whilst many older heads have simply moved on to other things. For those of us that still get something out of hearing new music that sounds pretty much like it did 20 years ago, this is a sweet little burst of nostalgia. There is a nice little explanation on their Bandcamp about how it’s a reflection on moving to Texas in 1998 and the music vocalist Sjur encountered there. The EP was recorded in 2017 and appears to be a one off but here’s hoping they get the urge to go back to the future again some day.