Landowner is anxious post punk which sometimes has Moss Icon style vocals and you should check it out ASAP if this is something that has not already got your radar pinging. It appears that this was originally released in 2016 but is now receiving vinyl treatment, courtesy of Born Yesterday. Impressive Almanac is a solo project and everything is suitably frantic, featuring pulsating riffs, many short songs, sometimes longer ones. Sometimes more furious. All the drumming has been automated with a drum machine. Absolutely bonkers that this is entirely the work of one person. You should investigate this forthwith if you like music that mangles up early 80s post punk and late 80s emotional hardcore, and for some reason you think that people on this website know what they are talking about. Not much sounds like this at this stage of the 21st century, and you’d be a fool to skip this if it’s remotely what you look for.