On Fit For Failure’s bandcamp it says “Punk. Emo. Hansa Pils.” I’d say this was an extremely well targeted submission based on that, although I am perhaps more of a Helles guy. FFF are from Dortmund mind you, so fair enough.

The music on this is a fantastic blend of post-punk repetition, emo song structures, a little post punk introspection, and indie pop writing smarts. The vocals are of that classic emo spoken nature but momentarily burst into explosive screams. I wasn’t expecting that on my first blush. It works supremely well.

I bet some, one, or all of the band members have been in at least one thing that was either reviewed on here 15ish years ago. Or something that I carried in my distro. I can’t find much info about them online. Either way, this is excellent and exactly the sort of thing I want to be sharing via this platform these days.