Check out that artwork. You’d have made a pretty good guess that they were a late 90s / early 2000s post hardcore inspired band. Love those duotone photos and the chunky, un-pretentious font. It seems there is a little bit of a revival for this style lately, what with the excellent Fiddlehead leading the way.

A mere four tracks are belted through on this tape, blink and you’ll miss it. Anyone who gets a bit excited at crunchy guitar riffs with strained pop punk vocals will probably be into this. I think it’s one for people who pine for bands like Far and Sense Field. Sparing readily admit a Samiam influence, so there’s that too. It should also attract those who are new to the genre and invigourated by the smashing combination of energy and melody that Sparing deliver. I enjoyed this and will be keeping an ear out for more. The music is a flashback to simpler times. That might have seemed cheesy to me in 2019 but these days, I’m ready for it. Bring it on, take me back. Old Dreams indeed.