I dunno, there’s something weird here: despite knowing full well that Public Eye hail from Portland, I keep figuring on them being from Australia. True, they mightn’t quite have a ‘Psychotic Episode’ or ‘Which Way To Go’ on their hands quite yet, but the springy, elasticated riffing and bouts of near-nonchalant despair just have that kind of vibe, and the occasional lapse into pubby, Coloured Balls-esque swagger rather helps seal the deal. This said, the brisk punch of early Wire and arty ambitions of Sauna Youth are also in evidence, while the occasional jazzy wig-out also helps sets them apart. It’s spiky yet accessible, and immediately engaging despite being full of sharp, understated smarts – just the kind of excellent, fully-realised post-punk release I want to be chewing over these days (even if I can’t get which damn country they’re from to stick in my silly head).