Scrappy and utterly round the bend, Obsoletos hail from Chile and sound like some snotball Back From The Grave band having a crack at ‘Nervous Breakdown.’ The opening track (a theme song, no less) is a barely held together mess of mechanically recovered rock n’ roll riffs and slopped-out hollering that sounds like it might belong in another song entirely. The sound quality shifts markedly as the band lurch into the brief, ass-kicking ‘Inadaptado’, while closing track ‘Pandilla Agresiva’ sticks around a dab longer and miraculously sounds like it might just have all its shit together: basslines bubble away, 12-bar riffing chugs aggressively and there’s a kernel of songwriting genius in evidence that all the heaped-on ineptitude in the world can’t quite disguise. Love it!