Bracing and inventive modern metal that ostensibly exists within the doom spectrum, but whose many odd protrusions prevent it from being so easily categorised. The parched, red-raw vocals and sluggish pace immediately bring The Body to mind, but any charges of outright plagiarism are blinked away thanks to Farer sharing another of the Rhode Island duo’s key traits: a restless inquisitiveness that means they rarely take the route you’d expect. Huge, dissonant slabs of riff are excavated and slowly hauled away while deep, soul-felt misery is endlessly vomited forth, but in amid this remorseless grind you’ll also find ambitious percussive workouts, unexpected vocal harmonies and crackling noise so dense it feels like it may have been shaped with hammer and chisel. That the band seem to exist in a dank existential shitpit is undeniable, but rather than grind them to powder it seems to have helped them hone the purity of their vision to a bitter gleaming edge – one that’s impossible not to admire, but will cut you to ribbons if you don’t carefully mind your way with it.