Powerful, violent hardcore that takes cues from the greats but does its own thing. This sounds like a simple enough set up, but how many times do you check out some hotly-tipped new power violence act, only to be repelled by weak vibes and some sort of vomitous sub-Denunzio/Dodge vocal performance? Precisely. Now, I’m not trying to say that Brain Tourniquet are reinventing the wheel here (I mean, the opening few seconds of ‘Torture’ sound ridiculously familiar…) but they grapple ably with what made their primary influences so savage, bring a whole bunch of other hardcore smarts to bear and, most importantly, imbue all ten tracks with a sense of murderous intent and skull-rupturing fury. Despite the brief running time there’s more than enough ugliness here to drown in, and if you’re tuning in for this sort of thing then, well, that’s precisely what you need.