Primal rock n’ roll gunk from an angry man who should probably know better. Eight songs have somehow been crammed onto this fragile sliver of plastic, which is odd because the battering they give you seems to last at least half an hour. Opener ‘Pointless Breather’ scythes out with a cracking great riff that could’ve dragged from an aeons-old live Stooges dub, but after that it all gets very Billy Childish: loud, uncouth, hectoring and thrillingly seat-of-the pants. ‘Mothers Ruin’ has borderline Fall-ish whiffs about it thanks to its odd, tart, anecdotal nature while ‘Do You Love Me Now’ could almost have been an anthem if it wasn’t so threateningly desperate. All told it’s a sweet little basher, and while it might be a pig to track down it’s a keeper if you can – it’s also well worth three quid of anyone’s money for a digital copy if you can’t.