Intro to this starts off in an enjoyably apocalyptic manner, but things become rather familiar rather quickly. Topline message: heavy crust with death metal vibes. Skitsystem, Tragedy and Wolfbrigade, but also Bolt Thrower and Grave. At one point during opening track ‘Morbid’ a big, galumphing groove enters the fray and I feel like I am listening to Crowbar or something. Elsewhere, ‘Noose’ has a cool, wobbly guitar solo going on. It’s all totally fine. Slick and polished, or at least as slick and polished as anything purporting to be crust can be. I have heard a lot of music that sounds like this, and Negative Prayer are neither the best nor the worst to do it. It’s getting late and I’m tired, and I really don’t feel like I can say much more than that?