Hardcore punk that’s crazed and intense, but also enjoyably atypical. The springy, scratchy guitars are barely distorted – reminding me in a way of Milk or Kagami – while Hisane’s vocals tend towards rapidfire breathlessness. For the most part this is the sum of things, but every once in a while something odd will enter the fray: frayed melodies (‘No Control’, ‘I’ll See You In Hell’), queasy lurches (‘Influence’) or, on ‘End Of Ideology’ mumbled, spoken vocals and dour arpeggios that are sporadically punctured by bursts of wild-eyed mania. It’s a great release that provides an instant adrenalin fix while frequently throwing you off balance – weirdly there are two separate mixes of the album floating about, but whichever one you grab you’re definitely onto a winner.