Picked this up when Electric Chair hurtled through London back in 2022, and yet I was still unable to file a review in time for its ‘proper’ release. Truly, there is no hope. Anyway, the first full-length from Electric Chair does what I guess it should: it satisfies on a basic, mutant level but also defies whatever expectations I might have had for it. It’s vile and feral, but there’s been a marginal softening of the sound thanks to the guitars getting up to more hijinks and the singer’s voice being buried beneath a layer of gross-smelling tongue slime. This doesn’t mean they’ve wimped out or that it’s any easier to listen to though. Oh no – oh no indeed. Instead, by letting the incipient weirdness of those early EPs ooze and seep they’ve created something leery, obnoxious and thoroughly unhinged, full of careening guitar solos, unpredictable bursts of freakery and an altogether wrong vibe that manages to splice Articles Of Faith with the likes of Raped Teenagers and Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers. It’s all spectacularly ugly, but also just spectacular, generally.