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Good Throb - 'Live On WFMU' cassette

added by Alex Deller on Thursday October 13 2016 in New Releases

A live tape from the very good Good Throb is out now. The label says: "After a long, long wait, a new release is out and it's a document of Good Throb's hungover live session that was recorded at WFMU in New Jersey in 2014. If you've never heard the band but dig UK DIY 77-83 post punk, can't live without your Crass records and enjoy the misanthropic vibe of No Trend, this could be a good starting point for getting into Good Throb, because this eight-song set contains some of the golden hits from their records, a compilation track and a nicely executed Flux of Pink Indians cover."

link: livinginadoomtown.bigcartel.com

Cheena gigs in December

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday October 11 2016 in Gigs

Cheena are a decent punk band who sound a bit like a glue-damaged New York Dolls and have an LP out on Sacred Bones. I've been meaning to review it for ages but somehow haven't, and I'm sure they're all crying bitter tears about this omission. Anyway, they are playing some dates in merry England. Here is where and when:

05/12 - The Shacklewell Arms, London

06/12 - Brudenell Games Room, Leeds

07/12 - The Chameleon, Nottingham

08/12 - Sticky Mike's, Brighton

link: cheena.bandcamp.com

Suma - 'The Order Of Things' 2xLP

added by Alex Deller on Monday October 10 2016 in Pre-orders

Throne Records are taking pre-orders for the fourth album from Malmö-based sludge manglers Suma, which is titled 'The Order Of Things'. It's probably a bit heavy and can be filed neatly alongside your Sumac records.

link: thronerecs.com

Aluk Todolo on tour

added by Alex Deller on Sunday October 2 2016 in Gigs

Aluk Todolo are an intense instrumental act playing experimental rock music pitched somewhere between krautrock and black metal. They're playing a handful of gigs here. They are:

09/11 – Corsica Studios, London

11/11 – Angel Microbrewery, Nottingham

12/11 – Birdewell Island, Bristol

Check out their latest album, 'Voix', below.

link: aluktodolo.bandcamp.com/album/voix

Cash For Your Stories - 'Relaxed City Living' CD

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday September 13 2016 in New Releases

Cash For Your Stories have a CD discography out called 'Relaxed City Living'. It features seven new tracks and the cuts from their two EPs. They sound a bit Shotmaker-y and a bit Reds-y, albeit shot through with a good dose of grey English gloom. Extra points are scored for titling one of their songs 'Mission Of Birmingham'.

link: cashforyourstories.bandcamp.com/album/relaxed-city-living

Scrap Brain demo out now

added by Alex Deller on Monday September 12 2016 in New Releases

Scrap Brain is a band comprising people from different places who also play in different bands. They formed as part of the First Timers thing. They have a demo out. It has four songs on it. These songs are uniformly horrible. They sound a bit like Violence Creeps or something. If you so wish, you can listen to the demo below. You can also buy an audio cassette at Tome Records or at one of these gigs:

13/09 - Oxford, The Library (w/ Mystic Inane)

24/09 - Norwich, Owl Sanctuary (w/ Pig Control, Jackals)

10/11 - London,, Bethnal Green WMC (w/ Shopping, Squeakeasy, Molar)

link: scrapbrainhc.bandcamp.com

Rat Cage demo available now

added by Alex Deller on Monday September 12 2016 in New Releases

Sheffield's Rat Cage have gone done a demo. On it there are four tracks. The music, so say they, is "FFO 80s Swedish and US hardcore." Sounds pretty ripping, all told.

link: ratcage.bandcamp.com/releases