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Wolves Of Greece - '2000-2004' LP

added by Alex Deller on Thursday November 26 2020 in Pre-orders

Wrong Speed and Gringo Records have teamed up for something tantalising: an LP that compiles the Wolves Of Greece Peel session, unreleased 7" and demos. For those unaware, the band were post-Bob Tilton and pre-Kogumaza, occupying an abstract, splenetic, improv-battered place reminiscent of Clikatat Ikatowi and Angel Hair. Pre-orders go live via the band's Bandcamp page on December 4, and until then why not (re)familiarise yourself with their rather excellent 10"?

link: wolvesofgreece.bandcamp.com

Screamers - 'Screamers Demo Hollywood 1977' LP

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday November 24 2020 in Pre-orders

Superior Viaduct have decided that all the many, many Screamers boots rattling round the universe just aren't up to snuff, and have decided to give the band's '77 demo an official reissue. Sourced from the original tapes, the label says this collection from the legendary synth-punks will be a 'revelation'.

link: superiorviaduct.com

Oily Boys - 'Cro Memory Grin' pre-orders

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday November 24 2020 in Pre-orders

Static Shock are taking pre-orders for the debut LP from Sydney's Oily Boys. Originally released by Cool Death, the album's called 'Cro Memory Grin' and offers an enjoyably horrific blast of psych-mangled hardcore.

link: staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com

-(16)- / Grime - split LP

added by Alex Deller on Thursday November 19 2020 in Pre-orders

Longstanding SoCal sluggers -(16)- have teamed up with Italian sludge miscreants Grime for the third instalment of Heavy Psych Sounds' 'Doomed Sessions' series. -(16)- play three songs and Grime play two, and there likely won't be a whole lot of happy to be found in any of 'em.

link: heavypsychsoundsrecords.bandcamp.com

Fucked And Bound news

added by Alex Deller on Saturday November 14 2020 in Bands

Ragged, raging hardcore act Fucked And Bound have teamed up with Quiet Panic Records for a reissue of the band's 2018 LP, 'Suffrage' (review somewhere in the bowels of this site). It features new art and an additional Sonic Youth cover, and comes out on December 18. Even more excitingly, the band plans to unleash a new album at some point in 2021.

link: fuckedandbound.bandcamp.com

Bert Queiroz - 'Punks DC' photography book

added by Alex Deller on Thursday November 12 2020 in Books

The wonderful archivists at Radio Raheem have released another punk tome, this one entitled 'Punks DC - Photographs By Bert Queiroz'. Here's some blurb: "Initially released as a small run xerox fanzine, Punks DC is a collection of 1980s Washington DC punk and hardcore photos taken by the great Bert Queiroz (formerly of Double O, Youth Brigade, Rain, etc.). Radio Raheem and Outer Battery have teamed up to rerelease Punks DC in hardcover format, including images of Fugazi, Ignition, Scream, Embrace, Rites Of Spring, Black Market Baby and many others."

link: deathwishinc.eu

Orwell discography LP

added by Andy Malcolm on Wednesday November 11 2020 in New Releases

Orwell was a band in 1995-1996, while all the members had other notable musical projects going on (Gainer, Braid, The Sky Corvair, Hubcap). Though Orwell only lasted a year, they managed to record 8 songs, and play a handful of shows. 3 of those song managed to get released at the time but the rest never emerged. 2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the band and their recordings. Justin Nardy (Expert Work Records) and Mike Welch (American Handstand Records), had talked about releasing this material almost 15 years ago when Billy Smith gave them a “demo” tape of the Orwell recordings. The idea never saw the light of day until now, as one time pressing of 300 records on black vinyl, scheduled for 8th January 2021. It will feature all 8 studio recorded songs, including brand new vocals recorded by Bob Nanna in 2020 on the song Ph9 Green.

link: expertworkrecords.bandcamp.com