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An interview with Aeges

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday March 3 2015 in Interviews

Some words with brilliant post-hardcore crunchers ĂGES are readable via the link below. If you like big bloody rock music and have a fondness for 90s post-hardcore acts like Handsome, Quicksand and Failure then you really owe it to yourself to give 'em a a listen.

link: blog.collective-zine.co.uk/?p=194

Unruh ľ 'Tomb' 3xLP

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday March 3 2015 in New Releases

King Of The Monsters is releasing a big ol' triple-LP box set containing the entire recorded works of Unruh. If you don't know Unruh, well, I don't really know what to say. You should. They played vicious, virulent, metal-dosed hardcore capable of crushing everything in its path. This compiles their two LPs, 'Friendly Fire' EP, splits with Enewetak and Suicide Nation, comp tracks and some demo stuff. The digital version also includes a live set from '97 when they were on tour with Fall Silent. If you haven't got all this malarkey and can afford it then I'd say you should give this a bloody good go.

link: kotmrecords.blogspot.com

New Wild Moth lp

added by Andy Malcolm on Thursday February 26 2015 in New Releases

WILD MOTH and IRON PIER have announced the upcoming release of INHIBITOR, the sophomore LP from the California band. Scheduled for a May 26, 2015 release on vinyl and digital formats, Inhibitor is the follow-up to Wild Moth's 2013 debut full-length on Asian Man, Over, Again, as well as a recent split 7" (Broke Hatre) with fellow Bay Area post-punks Creative Adult. The debut LP was an absolute corker, so I am looking forward to checking this one out ASAP.

link: ironpier.net/

Enablers - new LP and tour

added by Andy Malcolm on Tuesday February 24 2015 in Bands

Enablers return with "The Rightful Pivot" and a European tour. The UK dates are:

TUESDAY 31...............Brighton @ The Joker

WEDNESDAY 1............Bristol @ The Cube
THURSDAY 2...............Manchester @ Gullivers
FRIDAY 3.....................Nottingham @ The Maze
SATURDAY 4...............London @ Electrowerkz
SUNDAY 5...................Kent @ Ramsgate Music Hall

link: enablers.bandcamp.com

New Release on Ruined Smile

added by Andy Malcolm on Monday February 23 2015 in New Releases

London post punk trio Feature have released a five track compilation cassette through Ruined Smile in Brisbane this week. The five tracks are taken from their Culture of the Copy EP and their recent Tourists split with Slowcoaches. The tracks and tapes are online below.

(disclosure: Ruined Smile is a label run by CZ writer, MH)

link: ruinedsmilerecords.bandcamp.com/album/feature

Alex Hannan's top 10 of 2014

added by Andy Malcolm on Monday February 23 2015 in Writer's End of Year Top 10s

Erm, so we didn't really do top 10s last year, I can't remember why. Alex Hannan has sent me one though. In February. Here it is!

ANTI RITUAL - s/t (Indisciplinarian)
RICHARD DAWSON - Nothing important (Weird world)
DOGMATIST - Worn out welcome (Adult crash)
GOOD THROB - Fuck off (Superfi, White Denim, Sabermetric)
IMPALERS - Psychedelic snutskallar 12" (540)
IVY - s/t LP (Katorga Works)
RASPBERRY BULBS - Privacy (Blackest ever black)
THANTIFAXATH - Sacred white noise (Dark descent)
THOU - Heathen (Vendetta)

Last spot is a toss-up between these two depending on mood: TELLUSIAN - Collision (Pillowscars)
TEITANBLOOD - Death (Norma evangelium diaboli)

An interview with S.H.I.T.

added by Alex Deller on Monday February 23 2015 in Interviews

Canadian rippers S.H.I.T. were good enough to answer some (pretty dumb) interview questions for us. The band are ace, and their responses are super smart and informative. Have a gander via the link below.

link: blog.collective-zine.co.uk/?p=185