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Bismuth - 'Unavailing' 2xLP

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday November 25 2015 in New Releases

Bismuth's 'Unavailing' double LP is out now, courtesy of Viral Age, Dry Cough, Box Records and De Graanrepubliek, the latter label unassumingly suggesting: "if you happen to be into dooms, drones, slows and screams you might want to check this out."

link: graanrepubliekrecords.bandcamp.com/album/unavailing

Two new Radio Raheem releases

added by Alex Deller on Friday November 20 2015 in New Releases

Stateside label Radio Raheem continues to grub around in the muck for UK punk obscurities to reissue, this time compiling the complete works of Swansea punx The Venom on the 'Arringtons, Crombies, Anarchy Bondage' LP + 7". Not content with sticking to the UK they've also gone down under to reissue No Tag's 'Oi Oi Oi' 12", which was originally released by Propellor Records back in '83.

link: www.radioraheemrecords.com

The Rodeo Idiot Engine - 'Malaise' LP/CD

added by Alex Deller on Friday November 20 2015 in Pre-orders

The Rodeo Idiot Engine play raw, chaotic, abrasive metal/hardcore. They've got a new album coming out via Throatruiner Records. It's called 'Malaise'. Check out a couple of tracks via the link below.

link: throatruinerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/malaise

Three new La Vida Es Un Mus releases

added by Alex Deller on Thursday November 19 2015 in New Releases

Three new ragers are available now via LVEUM: a noise-blasted mini album from Pig DNA entitled 'Mob Shity', a 7" entitled 'Món Oblidat' from Sang and a new 7" from Orden Mundial called 'El Nuevo Sonido Balear'. Next up from the label will be releases from Woolf, Good Throb and Prime Time.

link: lavidaesunmus.com

Cloud Rat / Drugs Of Faith - split 7"

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday November 18 2015 in New Releases

Selfmadegod have released a split 7" featuring screamy grinders Cloud Rat and long-serving pummelers Drugs Of Faith. You get three newies from Cloud Rat and two from Drugs Of Faith.

link: selfmadegod.com

Soviettes - 'Rarities' LP pre-order

added by Alex Deller on Monday November 16 2015 in Pre-orders

Oh, you know that comp LP of Soviettes rarities? The rare one? The rare rarities one? Yeah. Well because it's rare, Dead Broke and Rad Girlfriend are reissuing it. In an edition of 500. So soon enough it'll be pretty rare too.

link: deadbrokerecords.com

New releases from Symphony Of Destruction Records

added by Alex Deller on Monday November 16 2015 in New Releases

Two newies available to order from Symphony Of Destruction. First is Lubricant's selt-titled 7". They're a hardcore punk act from Singapore featuring members of Vaaralinen, Daily Ritual and Sjanse. Also available is a split 7" featuring long-standing Brazilian d-beat destroyer Besthöven and Swedish punx Dispose.

link: symphonyofdestruction.org