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Legion Of Andromeda / Bismuth split tape

added by Alex Deller on Thursday June 21 2018 in New Releases

Two tracks of brutal industrial sludge trudge hell vs one track of sprawling doomstrosity. It is out via At War With False Noise, and not many copies exist.

link: awwfn.bandcamp.com/album/split-tape

Churchburn - 'None Shall Live... The Hymns Of Misery' LP

added by Alex Deller on Sunday June 3 2018 in Pre-orders

Armageddon are taking pre-orders for the latest Churchburn opus, cheerily entitled 'None Shall Live... The Hymns Of Misery'. The band features Dave Suzuki of Vital Remains and Ray McCaffrey of Sin Of Angels and Grief, and they're joined this time around by a bunch of heads who make similarly un-fun music.

link: armageddonlabel.bigcartel.com

Two new SPHC Records releases

added by Alex Deller on Thursday May 24 2018 in New Releases

SPHC have two new 7"s out: the vinyl debut from power popsters No Blues and an anarcho punk split that features the seemingly-indestructible Active Minds and Peruvian crust types Los Rezios.

link: sphcrecords.bandcamp.com

Silent Era - 'O Horizon' LP

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday May 23 2018 in New Releases

Sabotage Records are releasing Silent Era's 'O Horizon' LP on June 1st. Here's what the label says about it: "The People in this band are punk lifers, who walk the walk, know what they're doing and don't fuck around about it. That's reflected here in nine tracks of the sort of personally political punk , that no one else really makes anymore (along with one more experimental interlude). The writing and production may harken back to the 80s heyday of melodic hardcore I most associate with the likes of Dan, Instigators or Political Asylum, but this is far from a straight genre exercise. This music stands in its own right, propelled by Michelle's powerful vocals. As outlined in and enhanced bythe lyric booklet, each of these songs in actually about something, a thoughtful evocation of a feeling or an examination of a situation that will no doubt resonate with any sentinent punk in 2018. 'O Horizon' deserves a place on everyone's turntable."

link: sabotagerecords.bandcamp.com/album/silent-era-o-horizon

Jeromes Dream reissue + new album

added by Alex Deller on Friday May 11 2018 in Pre-orders

Jeromes Dream have reissued their 'Seeing Means More Than Safety' 10", and pre-orders are up now. They also have a new album on the way, which you can also pre-order.

link: jeromesdreamforever.com

A load of S.H.I.T.

added by Alex Deller on Thursday May 10 2018 in New Releases

Canadian ragers S.H.I.T. have two new releases on the way and a Euro tour to boot. Coo. LVEUM are releasing their 'What Do You Stand For' LP (out Stateside via Iron Lung), along with a comp entitled 'Complete S.H.I.T.', which compiles tracks from their four 7"s, 2012 demo and their appearance on that cool Beach Impediment comp. Tour-wise, here is where they are and when:

Friday June 1 - London @ New River Studios

Saturday June 2 - Sheffield @ DINA

Sunday June 3 - Glasgow @ The Old Hairdressers

Monday June 4 - Cardiff @ The Moon

Tuesday June 5 - Brighton @ Cowley Club

Wednesday June 6 - Antwerp - Den Eglantier

Thursday June 7 - Mannheim @ AJU

Friday June 8 - Amsterdam @ Vrankrijk

Saturday June 9 - Bremen @ Friesenstrasse

Sunday June 10 - Malmo

Monday June 11 - Stockholm

Tuesday June 12 - Goteborg

Wednesday June 13 - Oslo

Thursday June 14 - Uppsala

Friday June 15 - K-Town Hardcore Festival

Saturday June 16 - K-Town Hardcore Festival

Sunday June 17 - Berlin @ K19

Monday June 18 - Prague @ Klinika squat

Tuesday June 19 - Brno @ Slim Cessnas Autoclub

Wednesday June 20 - Vienna @ Arena

Thursday June 21 - Budapest @ Drrpnc

Friday June 22 - Zagreb @ Klaonica Squat

Saturday June 23 - Milan @ Macao

Sunday June 24 - HELP

Monday June 25 - Lyon /Saint Ettiene (TBD)

Tuesday June 26 - Barcelona

Wednesday June 27 - Madrid @ Bulritzer

Thursday June 28 - Andoain @ Gaztetxe

Friday June 29 - Paris @ Gibus

Saturday June 30 - London @ DIY Space For London

link: lavidaesunmus.bandcamp.com/album/what-do-you-stand-for-lp

Annex - 'Melu' LP

added by Alex Deller on Thursday May 10 2018 in New Releases

Imminent Destruction have a new release out - the UK/Euro pressing of Annex's 'Melu' LP. Info is: "New LP from the Texas/Mexico border. While their last two records were catchy and melodic, this marks a step up with a sterling production, crystal-clear mastering and perfectly sculpted, ambitious tunes that display a massive improvement in depth and variation. The dark deathrock and post-punk influences familiar to fans of Belgrado or Arctic Flowers remain, but add infectious melodies, hypnotic guitars and a danceable backbeat, whilst Nikki's vocals once more deliver the punk brattishness of her roots whilst expanding into unique new territory. Lyrics in Spanish and English." North AMerican types can get it from Adelante Discos or Occult Whispers.

link: inflammablematerial.bandcamp.com/album/melu/