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Bad Noids European tour

added by Alex Deller on Thursday March 26 2015 in Gigs

Bad Noids are a ripping hardcore band from Cleveland and their LP for Katorga Works wa a pretty fine thing. They are playing some gigs in Europe throughout April and May. You should probably go and see them at some point if you live or work within spitting distance of their trajectory. Also, they need some help with a couple of dates. It would be nice if you could assist, should you have the power to do so. You can get more info at the link below.

link: www.collective-zine.co.uk/cboard/post772438.html#p772438

Tragic Film - demo 7

added by Alex Deller on Thursday March 26 2015 in New Releases

Crucificados have put the Tragic Film demo out as a 7". The label says: "explosive and raging hardcore thrash from Tokyo, Japan. for fans of Charles Bronson, Slight Slappers, JellyRoll Rockheads..." and you can judge from yourself by giving it a listen at the link below.

link: tragicfilm.bandcamp.com/album/demo

Super Unison

added by Andy Malcolm on Thursday March 19 2015 in New Band

This is pretty fucking great. Ex members of Punch and Amber Inn and that's kind of how it's ended up sounding, although that might just be the power of suggestion. Check it out anyway.

link: www.facebook.com/SuperUnison

An interview with Legion Of Andromeda

added by Alex Deller on Thursday March 19 2015 in Interviews

Tokyo duo Legion Of Andromeda play some dynamite stuff: relentless, gruelling, sludged out noise-rock that's equal parts Swans, Corruped and Godflesh. Their debut LP came out via At War With False Noise this side of the pond and on Unholy Anarchy in the US. Read some entertaining and occasionally scary words with vokillist -R- at the link below.

link: blog.collective-zine.co.uk/?p=197

Action and Action Final Shows

added by Andy Malcolm on Wednesday March 18 2015 in Bands

Action and Action is coming to an end. A rather obscure but nonetheless fine band, even if they are named after a dodgy Get Up Kids song. They troubled these pages a couple of times over the years and you can check all their music at the link below. They will be playing their last shows this weekend:

Friday 20th March at The Phoenix, Bridge St, High Wycombe HP11 2EL (with VAIN GALEN, POCKET TREES, DEAD DAMN SEA, BURGUNDY: THE TRIANGLE)

Saturday 21st March - at The Hope and Anchor, 207 Upper St, Islington N1 1RL (with HOWLS, SCREENWIVES, BEGGAR)

11 years of being a band, that's a pretty fair effort!

The will also have a new 4-song EP that will be available for download this Friday (20th March).

link: actionandaction.bandcamp.com/

Rayos X - 'Ansiedad' 7"

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday March 17 2015 in New Releases

A new 7" from LA punx Rayos X, which is described by Discos MMM as a "perfect mixture of hardcore and melodic punk" with "lyrics about anxiety and alienation." Check it out via the link below.

link: discosmmm.bandcamp.com/album/ansiedad-7

Disculpe 7" out now

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday March 17 2015 in New Releases

Tadpole Records (+ others) have released the debut 7" Disculpe. "Fast pissed hardcore" is how Darren describes it - bung him an email at spudutat AT hotmail DIT com for more info or wholesale enquiries.