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Football, etc / Carson Wells - Summer 2015 tour

added by Andy Malcolm on Friday May 29 2015 in Gigs

11 July // Glasgow, UK // Audio
12 July // Manchester, UK // CCHRQ Garden (matinee)
12 July // Nottingham, UK // JT Soar
13 July // Bristol, UK // Roll For The Soul
14 July // Brighton, UK // The Hope
15 July // Paris, France // La Mécanique Ondulatoire
16 July // Milan, Italy // Lo-Fi
17 July // Turin, Italy // TBA
18 July // Darmstadt, Germany // Oetinger Villa
19 July // Dendermonde, Belgium // JH Zenith
20 July // London, UK // The Black Heart

link: www.facebook.com/events/1589171574689267/

The Afternoon Gentlemen - s/t LP

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday May 26 2015 in New Releases

"16 tracks of Yorkshire grindviolence in 20 minutes" from this unruly mob. 500 copies on heavy 180g black vinyl, wrapped in a full-colour gatefold sleeve.

link: deadheroeslabel.bigcartel.com

Homostupids - 'Sleepytime Music Man' cassette

added by Alex Deller on Sunday May 17 2015 in New Releases

Oh, there's something new by Homostupids out. Ok then. Here's what the label (Outsider) says about it: "This time Cleveland kings of Skull Music return with a tape compilation of their noisy, primitive and brainless garage punk infected EPs plus unreleased live set on the B side. Yep, we're talkin' about American greatest rock 'n' roll band here so don't sleep on this."

link: livinginadoomtown.bigcartel.com/product/homostupids-sleepytime-music-man-cs-outsider

The Hipshakes - new LPs

added by Andy Malcolm on Sunday May 10 2015 in Bands

The Hipshakes have apparently been a band for 14 years. 14 years! Being a punk band. Fair play. And now they have two albums coming out at once.

Here's "T-Shirt" taken from "Sounds We Found".

And here is "My Confession" taken from "Maximum Growth and Vigour", an album recorded by MJ from Hookworms.

Both albums are released by SMF Records, with more details on the Bandcamp page below.

link: thehipshakes.bandcamp.com

Coffins - 'Perpetual Penance' 2xCD

added by Alex Deller on Saturday May 2 2015 in New Releases

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are releasing a fairly whopping double CD from Japanese death-doom manglers Coffins on June 9th. It compiles a bunch of vinyl-only tracks, including material from their splits with Noothgrush, Sourvein, Stormcrow and Hooded Menace.

link: www.horrorpaingoredeath.com

Cloud Rat - 'Qliphoth' LP on the way

added by Alex Deller on Saturday April 25 2015 in New Releases

Good news: the new Cloud Rat LP is about a month away. Says IFB records: "Another epic full length dose of Cloud Rat's signature blend of heavy HC, grinding filth, and pure venom, this time adding Brandon Hill on noise duties." It's a co-release between IFB, Halo Of Flies, React With Protest, Moment of Collapse and 7 Degrees Records.

Baxter Stockman / Art Of Burning Water tour

added by Alex Deller on Monday April 20 2015 in Gigs

Baxter Stockman are a brilliantly horrible noise-rock band from Finland. They are playing some gigs across England with the simmilarly horrible but somewhat different-sounding Art Of Burning Water. Go and see them if you can.

16/06/15 - London @ Powerlunches w/ Skylark

17/06/15 - Manchester @ Ducie Bridge w/ Glarus

18/06/15 - Edinburgh @ Bannerman's Bar w/ Britney

19/06/15 - Leeds @ The Packhorse w/ Famine, The Wub

20/06/15 - Newcastle @ The Northumberland Arms w/ Big Fail, Iced Out

21/06/15 - Birmingham @ The Wagon And Horses w/ GG Allinsong

link: bstockman.bandcamp.com