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Machetazo - 'Sinfonías del Terror Ciego' reissue

added by Alex Deller on Sunday March 3 2019 in Reissues

Throne Records are reissuing Machetazo's 2005 LP, 'Sinfonías del Terror Ciego'. This edition comes with revamped artwork, including all new liner notes from Dave Wagner (Evoken), Pierre De Palmas (Braindead Mag.) and Doc Holocausto (Evilspeak Mag.)

link: thronerecs.com

Bloody Head s/t 7"

added by Alex Deller on Friday March 1 2019 in New Releases

After a couple of tapes and an LP, the brilliant Bloody Head have a 7" out. It comes at us via Viral Age and At War With False Noise. Some words about it, according to them: "two tracks of RAW POWER/unrehearsed noise rock/broken brain blues. Recorded (and kind of written) live in one take with stream of consciousness synaptic overload/serotonin depleted vocals. Artwork by Vincent Ramirez Price."

link: bloodyhead.bandcamp.com/album/7

The Cool Greenhouse - 'Landlords' 7"

added by Alex Deller on Thursday February 28 2019 in New Releases

The seemingly unstoppable Drunken Sailor record label is back with another new release, this time the second 7" from The Cool Greenhouse. Some rather big boasts are made, including references to a keyboard-driven Pere Ubu or Swell Maps, and "what The Desperate Bicycles might have sounded like while trying to rip off Hex Enduction Hour." Most intriguing, no?

link: drunkensailorrecords.co.uk

Death & Vanilla - 'Are You A Dreamer?' LP

added by Alex Deller on Monday February 25 2019 in Pre-orders

Pre-orders are up for the next Death & Vanilla LP, which is entitled ‘Are You A Dreamer?’ Fire Records describe it as "melancholy at its most refined, riddled with super-memorable motifs and melodies that nestle in reflective echo."

link: firerecords.com

Bilge Pump - 'We Love You' LP

added by Alex Deller on Friday February 15 2019 in New Releases

Longstanding Leeds weirdos Blige Pump have a new album out. It's their first one in ten years (ten years!) and comes to us via Gringo Records. I first heard them circa 'Let Me Breathe' and didn't really know what to make of them. To be honest I still don't, but it definitely feels good to know that they're still rumbling on.

link: gringorecords.com

Deafkids on tour in Europe

added by Alex Deller on Friday February 15 2019 in Gigs

Incomparable oddballs Deafkids are touring Europe through April and May in support of their excellent 'Metaprogramação' LP for Neurpt Recordings. If you've not checked 'em out already, do so: they play some weird, intense, danceable stuff that smashes together metal, punk, noise and Brazilian polyrhythms. The dates are:

11/04 - Roadburn Festival 2019 -Tilburg, NL

12/04 - Roadburn Festival 2019 - Tilburg, NL w/ PetBrick

14/04 - Amsterdam, NL

16/04 - D. K. Luksus - Wroclaw, PL

17/04 - Underdogs - Prague, CZ

18/04 - Urban Spree - Berlin, DE

19/04 - Merleyn - Nijmegen, NL

20/04 - The Lexington - London, UK

21/04 - Soup Kitchen - Manchester, UK

22/04 - The Hope & Ruin - Brighton, UK

23/04 - Moon - Cardiff, UK

24/04 - The Cluny - Newcastle, UK

25/04 - Rough Trade - Bristol, UK

26/04 - Olympic Cafe - Paris, FR

28/04 - SWR Barroselas Metalfest 2019 - Viana do Castelo, PT

29/04 - Mag4 - Bruxelles, BE

30/04 - Bar Hic - Rennes, FR

01/05 - Tri Martolod - Concarneau, FR

02/05 - Léo Ferré - Brest Espace, FR

03/05 - T Les 3 Pieces - Rouen, FR

05/05 - THet Bos - Antwerp, BE

05/05 - TDonau Festival 2019 - Donau, AT

link: deafkidspunx.bandcamp.com

Silkworm - 'Italian Platinum' reissue

added by Alex Deller on Thursday February 14 2019 in Reissues

Touch & Go are reissuing Silkworm's wonderful 'Italian Platinum' LP. If like glum indie rock and you don't know the band, just check out opener '(I Hope U) Don't Survive' - you're in for a treat. There's also the rather curious option of purchasing a Silkworm beanie alongside the record, just in case you have a cold head and no taste.

link: tgrec.com