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Don Caballero - 'Five Pairs Of Crazy Pants' 2*LP

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday April 23 2014 in Pre-orders

This is available for pre-order now. I'm too tired to think up any words to say, so here's the lowdown courtesy of Chunklet: "December 1991. Mere months into their existence, a three-piece Don Caballero drove to the Carnegie Mellon campus and knocked out eleven songs. On this, their earliest-known studio recording, the nascent Pittsburgh titans crank out jams that would appear in different form on early singles and their debut full-length, 'For Respect'. Two songs would never make it onto a proper record and are here for the first time ever. As a special bonus, the band's second live show is included as an additional download along with the record."

link: www.chunklet.com

Frontier(s) - 'White Lights' 12" pre-order

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday April 23 2014 in Pre-orders

Tiny Engines are taking pre-orders for a new five-track EP from Frontier(s), entitled 'White Lights'. The band play punchy, melodic post-hardcore and features peeps from Elliott, Falling Forward and Mouthpiece.

link: tinyengines.limitedrun.com/bands/frontiers

Cloud Rat / Orgullo Primitivo split 7" and Elsinore LP

added by Alex Deller on Saturday April 19 2014 in New Releases

IFB Records have announced two new releases from two polar ends of the DIY punk spectrum: a split 7" between prolific grind maniacs Cloud Rat and experi-grinders Orgullo Primitivo along with an LP from garage pop / post-punk types Elsinore.

link: www.ifbrecords.com

Good Throb - 'Fuck Off' LP

added by Alex Deller on Monday April 14 2014 in New Releases

Caustic London punx Good Throb have gone and put a bloody LP out. You can get it in the UK via the ever-great SuperFi or in the States from Sabermetric or White Denim.

link: superfirecords.limitedrun.com/products/527582-good-throb-fuck-off-lp

Corrections House London date

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday April 9 2014 in Gigs

Corrections House - the industrial-cum-noise-rock powerhouse featuring members of Neurosis, Eyehategod, Yakuza and Minsk - will play a one-off UK date on Saturday 12th April at Birthdays in London.

The gig follows the release of their 'Last City Zero' album via Neurot Recordings and a stint at this year's Roadburn Festival. Support comes from Consumer Electronics and Necro Deathmort.

link: http://www.seetickets.com/event/corrections-house/birthdays/772917

Bonjour tout le monde! New Red Stick song, mes amis

added by Andy Malcolm on Thursday April 3 2014 in New Releases

Here's how you tell everyone you have a new record out, by having a great song to go with it. Baton Rouge's LP "Totem" is out one day.

Ovlov / Little Big League split 7"

added by Andy Malcolm on Thursday April 3 2014 in New Releases

Philadelphia, PA's Little Big League and Newtown, CT's Ovlov. will be releasing a split 7" and it is set for a July release on the enduringly consistent Tiny Engines. I know nothing about LBL but am always up for hearing more from Ovlov after their cracking LP 'am' that came out last year on Exploding In Sound. No songs to hear yet but no doubt that will happen next in the inevitable slow burn that seemingly occurs with all musical releases in the mid 2010s.

link: tinyengines.limitedrun.com/