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Frogskin / Taser split LP on the way

added by Alex Deller on Friday September 13 2019 in New Releases

A double whammy of Finnish hate is on the horizon: a split LP featuring the doom sluggers Frogskin and sludge-blasted noise-rock upstarts Taser. The labels involved are Iron Coffin, Penny Whistles And Moon Pies, Gate Of Deliria and Rämekuukkeli.

link: tasersludge.bandcamp.com

Planes Mistaken For Stars on tour

added by Alex Deller on Monday September 9 2019 in Gigs

Planes Mistaken For Strs are playing some European dates alongside Wolves Like Us later in the year. Here's where and when:

01/12 @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester

02/12 @ The Exchange, Bristol

03/12 @ The Flapper. Birmingham

04/12 @ Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

05/12 @ G2, Glasgow

06/12 @ The Lounge, London

07/12 @ Den Eglantier, Antwerp, Belgium

08/12 @ Jubez, Karlsruhe, Germany

09/12 @ Menschenzoo, Hamburg, Germany

10/12 @ Cassiopeia, Berlin, Germany

11/12 @ MTC, Cologne, Germany

12/12 @ Vaterland, Oslo, Norway

link: planesmistakenforstars.bandcamp.com

Rodan - 'Hat Factory '93' LP

added by Alex Deller on Thursday September 5 2019 in Pre-orders

Cool news: an archival dig has unearthed some raw n' rowdy Rodan tapes. Quarterstick are releasing it, which means you can get it via Touch & Go. You can even order some fancypants limited-edition shite, if you can stomach the grotesque US postage costs. Here's some background bumf: "Newly discovered Rodan tapes have been pulled out of a secret time release vault in the floor of the Hat Factory in Baltimore, the studio where Rodan recorded early versions of the songs that would comprise 'Rusty'. These fluid, energetic prototypes ring out like raw power emerging from a cocoon in the ground, like the 25-year brood of a very rare, winged insect shaking off the soil and- finally, blessedly, flying right into your ear."

link: touchandgorecords.com

Lightning Bolt on tour

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday September 4 2019 in Gigs

Lightning Bolt are playing a handful of dates this side of the pond as part of a wider EU tour, in support of their upcoming 'Sonic Citadel' LP (out via Thrill Jockey Records on October 11). Here's where and when they'll be playing:

12/11 - London, The Underworld

13/11 - London, The Underworld

14/11 - Bristol, Trinity

15/11 - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club

16/11 - Glasgow, Studio Warehouse - SWG3

link: thrilljockey.com

The Make-Up - 'Save Yourself' reissue

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday September 4 2019 in Reissues

I'm tired, so this is what Dischord have to say about this reissue: "On October 4th, The Make-Up will reissue their long out-of-print album 'Save Yourself' on LP through Black Gemini Records and Dischord Direct. Originally released in 1999 on K Records, Save Yourself was recorded at Pirate Studios in Washington, D.C. by Brendan Canty. The album has now been remastered/recut and will be available on both black vinyl and also in a mail-order-only limited edition plum-color. Pre-order the record now via our site or the Dischord Bandcamp page."

link: dischord.com

New Radio Raheem pre-orders

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday September 3 2019 in Pre-orders

Radio Raheem have a bunch of cool new archival releases available for pre-order. First up there's a book of Karen O' Sullivan's awesome photography entitled 'Somewhere Below 14th & East', which includes over 150 images of bands like Minor Threat, The Misfits and Run DMC, as well as an assortment of crowd-dwellers, scenesters and other such weirdos. For your listening pleasure, meanwhile, they've somehow managed to exhume a range of cracking noise. There's the 'Demo 1985' LP from death-thrash wavemakers Insanity; the 'War Song' LP from crosover oiks Sarcasm and the tantalising prospect of hearing a collection of noise from mythic NYHC types The Psychos.

link: deathwishinc.com/collections/radio-raheem

Misery Guts - 'Oxford 'Ardkore' tape

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday September 3 2019 in New Releases

Richter Scale have lobbed out a tape of ugly, hurtling D-beat by Oxford punx Misery Guts. It's called 'Oxford 'Ardkore', and is well worth eight minutes of your listening time.

link: richterscaleoxford.bandcamp.com