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Bell Witch / Ulcerate tour in October

added by Alex Deller on Thursday July 2 2015 in Gigs

Morose metallers Bell Witch and slithery death metal fiends Ulcerate are set to embark on a tour of England and Scotland in October. The dates are:

08/10 - Nambucca, London

09/10 - Green Door Store, Brighton

10/10 - Temple Of Boom, Leeds

11/10 - Chameleon Arts Cafe

12/10 - Asylum 2, Birmingham

13/10 - Star & Garter, Manchester

14/10 - Bannermans, Edinburgh

15/10 - Audio, Glasgow

16/10 - Northumberland Arms, Newcastle

17/10 - TBC

18/10 - The Exchange, Bristol

Full Of Hell UK gigs in September

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday July 1 2015 in Gigs

Noise-damaged hc/grind act Full Of Hell – one of the fieriest live bands I’ve witnessed in recent years – are playing some gigs with Famine in September. They are:

20/09- The Exchange, Bristol

22/09 - Hope And Ruin, Brighton

23/09 – Birthdays, London

24/09 - The Vault, Swansea

25/09 - Temple Of Boom, Leeds

26/09 - 13th Note, Glasgow

27/09 - Stuck On A Name, Nottingham

link: fullofhell.bandcamp.com/album/rudiments-of-mutilation

New Radioactivity LP

added by Andy Malcolm on Wednesday July 1 2015 in New Releases

My Geiger counter is going nuts, must be a new Radioactivity LP out. HA! It is called Silent Kill. Creepy. If you fried your brain, then just a reminder that this is basically another Marked Men album. Here's the whole thing, so you don't have to go on Vice to listen to it:

link: dirtnaprecs.com

Throat - 'Short Circuit' 12"

added by Alex Deller on Saturday June 27 2015 in New Releases

Finnish noise-rock sluggers Throat have got a new thing out. It's called 'Short Circuit' and has six songs on it. You can get it on vinyl, CD or as a digital release from either Kaos Kontrol or Reptilian Records. Check it out below.

link: ihatethroat.bandcamp.com/album/short-circuit-2

G-anx discography 2xLP and new Despise You 7"

added by Alex Deller on Friday June 26 2015 in Pre-orders

Something old and something new available to pre-order from www.punkdistro.de. First up is a 2xLP G-anx discography. They were a weird, ripping hardcore band from Sweden whose 7"s I bought because I'd once heard they were an influence on His Hero Is Gone. This thing compiles all their material, along with two unreleased songs. Elsewhere there's a new Despise You 7", which features three new tracks (one an RKL cover) on a one-sided piece of vinyl. This you can get from Pessimiser (!!!) if you’re in the States, otherwise order via the link below.

link: punkdistro.de

All Pigs Must Die playing London next month

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday June 23 2015 in Gigs

Just in case you've not heard, All Pigs Must Die are set to play a one-off UK show on 5 July at the Camden Underworld. If you've not heard 'em, these Southern Lordlings play savage, metal-streaked hardcore in the vein of Trap Them, Dear In The Dirt and The Secret. The good people at Old Empire are putting the thing on, and this is your only chance to see APMD in Europe unless you happen to be attending Denmark's Roskilde Festival.

link: apmdsl.bandcamp.com

Boak 7" out now

added by Alex Deller on Monday June 15 2015 in New Releases

"Boak is a powerviolence thrash trio hailing from Aberdeen in Scotland, featuring members of Filthpact and Dirtdrinker. 'Boak' is Scottish slang meaning vomit or feelings of excessive nausea." The record is being co-released by the following labels: SuperFi, Wolf Town DIY, Attention Deficit Grindcore Disorder, Cross Your Heart And Hope To DIY, Friendly Otter, Square Of Opposition and Vleesklak.

link: superfirecords.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-7-2