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Two newies from Static Shock Records

added by Alex Deller on Monday May 23 2016 in New Releases

Two new punk lumps from the ever-reliable Static Shock stable: the vinyl debut from London punx Efialtis and a new 7" from Sheffield's Sievehead. Give 'em a listen via the link below...

link: staticshockrecords.bandcamp.com

Kowloon Walled City / Minsk Euro tour

added by Alex Deller on Thursday May 12 2016 in Gigs

Kowloon Walled City released one of 2015's best albums. It was called ‘Grievances’ and basically sounds like a heavy-as-feck version of Codeine. They're playing some gigs in Europe in August/September supporting sludgy sluggers Minsk. It should be grand. Here are the dates:

16/08 - Belgium, Antwerp @ Kavka

17/08 - France, Paris @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire

18/08 - TBA

19/08 - TBA

20/08 - Portugal, Porto @ Amplifest

21/08 - Portugal, Porto @ Amplifest

22/08 - Spain, Madrid @ Arena

23/08 - TBA

24/08 - France, Montpellier @ Black Sheep

25/08 - Italy, Misano Adriatico @ Wave

26/08 - Switzerland, Winterthur @ Gaswerk

27/08 - TBA

28/08 - Poland, Poznan @ U Bazyla

29/08 - Germany, Berlin @ Musik & Frieden

30/08 - Germany, Hamburg @ Hafenklang

31/08 - Sweden, Gothenburg @ Skjul Fyra Sex

01/09 - TBA

02/09 - Holland, Tilburg @ Little Devil

03/09 - UK, London @ Underworld

link: kowloonwalledcity.bandcamp.com

Lungfish - 'Sound In Time' LP reissue

added by Alex Deller on Wednesday May 11 2016 in Reissues

Their LPs sat around in record shops and distro boxes for aeons and, now that you've finally figured out that you like them, you can't find Lungfish records for love nor money. Lucky for you, then, that Dischord are slowly but surely reissuing the blighters, with the latest being the band's hard-to-find 'Sound In Time' LP, which resurfaces on June 24. It's been remastered and stuff.

link: dischord.com

Paranoid - 'Punkdemonium Hell' 7"

added by Alex Deller on Tuesday May 10 2016 in New Releases

Viral Age Recs have reissued the ultra-limited 'Punkdemonium Hell' flexi from Svensk punkers Paranoid (aka 偏執症者). As well as not being on a crappy flexisdisc there's an additional bonus track that wasn't on the original release. Cool!

link: viralagerecords.blogspot.com

Sumac and Mamiffer European tour

added by Alex Deller on Thursday May 5 2016 in Gigs

Crushing experi-metal types Sumac are hitting the continent this summer with partners in crime/life Mamiffer for a series of live incursions. Here's where and when:

30/06 - Dresden, Germany, Beatpol

01/07 - Berlin, Germany, Musik & Frieden

02/07 - Roskilde Festival, Denmark

03/07 - Hamburg, Germany, Hafenklang (w/ Janne Westerlund)

04/07 - Dortmund, Germany, FZW (w/ Janne Westerlund)

05/07 - Antwerp, Netherlands, Het Bos (w/ Janne Westerlund)

06/07 - Bristol, UK, The Fleece (w/ Janne Westerlund)

07/07 - July London, UK, Underworld (w/ Janne Westerlund)

09/07 - Porto, Portugal, Hard Club (w/ Sun Kil Moon)

link: thrilljockey.com

Captain Fidanza - the almost complete works

added by Andy Malcolm on Saturday April 30 2016 in people

Stalwart C-Zine wordsmith, Captain Fidanza, has a substantial body of work that you may like to make yourself familiar with. Five of the seven films he has made can be viewed via the youtube link below. I have fond memories of watching the one I have directly linked to here in the Norwich Playhouse a few years back. I'm sure the good Captain hopes you will enjoy these.

link: www.youtube.com/channel/UCBaGIkvnT62MEMGCtzznFRA

Null - 'Sleepwalking Days' LP

added by Alex Deller on Saturday April 30 2016 in New Releases

Interesting new thing out now from IFB Records. I'll let the label describe it: "Null hails from Birmingham AL and features folks from Holiness Church of the Valley and Coliseum. The album feels like an obscure ritual that would happen in a desert, or something you might hear far away as you explore a cave. Slow, dark, and brooding with a great sense of space and atmosphere. The vocals sound like something Floor and Party of Helicopters might have collaborated on if that makes any sense. This is a very unique sounding record - there's some stoner influence, elements of indie, maybe a hazy Pink Floyd feel, loud and heavy yet calm and airy." Check it out via the Bandcamp link below.

link: nullvibes.bandcamp.com/releases