Powerblessings - s/t - 7

Labels: self released
Review by: MH

Powerblessings are from Northampton, Massachusetts, not the UK “” easy to confuse the two. There is quite a humble note included with the record where the bloke who released this mentions a few bands who Powerblessings have been compared to including The Jesus Lizard and Hot Snakes. He says that these comparisons will probably make you either put the record on or chuck it in the bin. I’ve opted for the former. I don’t think they sound that much like either of those bands musically though as he acknowledges too.

From the off there is no messing about here. No slow parts, no quiet parts – 4 songs of intense, energetic punk/post hardcore. Don’t expect a power ballad from this band at any stage. Only track two breaks the 3 minute barrier “” an outrageous post rock epic of 3 min 7 seconds. Or maybe not. They have a bit of a raw, ragged sound and are relentless in their delivery throughout. Snotty, spat vocals “” hoarse and powerful, over driving, angular riffs. There is definitely a bit of a David Yow-thing going on here vocally particularly on track 3, the brilliantly titled “œIn the Men’s Room of the Sixteenth Century”. The vocals have a bit more of a sneer on this one although there is little deviation from the formula. It’s a bit more lo-fi sounding than The Jesus Lizard overall though and doesn’t have such prominent basslines.

I have no idea what he is singing about on this record and there are no lyrics included. I am going to presume that the last track “œ Wet Ones” is about those tissues that deal with nappy rash that used to be advertised on television. I’m not blown away but I like it and I’d like to see how this energy translates to a live show.