The Hurriers - From Acorns Mighty Oaks - CD (2015)

Labels: self released
Review by: Oli Saunders

The Hurriers pride themselves on their socialist nature. Track 1 opens with a slow bass and drum beat and, presumably, a politician talking about Barnsley, before they get going with what is a pretty decent number. The vocals are Clash-like; as a whole it feels like the sort of thing that Political Asylum were doing in the nineties. Except for that the fact that every aspect of that band is better. Okay some positives; I like the lyrics – the soft singing about important issues works well and it isn’t too forced. It doesn’t take much to figure what ‘Britain Last’ is about. It’s a little clichéd in places but also heartfelt. One more minor gripe, however, is the reliance on catchy choruses, as if they are trying their very best to create working-class anthems or whatnot, rather than just make good music their about ideals.

15th July 2016