Violence Creeps - Ease The Seed Bag - 7

Labels: Drunken Sailor
Review by: Alex Deller

A collection of old / new / borrowed / blue stuff here from the ever-disagreeable Violence Creeps. The thing kicks off with an alternative take on their Soft Cell cover, which is guided by a crass, lunging riff and possesses exactly the kind of seamy, louche delivery the song deserves. After the mid-paced stumble of that we get ‘Amber Alert’ from the band’s first demo, which packs in a straight-up hardcore chorus amid the general wrongness. Side B offers up the sharp, staccato ‘Back Hand’ from the ‘DIE’ cassette and new song ‘Gentle’. This latter track is anything but, starting with what appears to be a mutated Steppenwolf riff before tangling itself up in a mess of mumbles and rusty guitar contortions. It is, of course, ugly, itchy and supremely antagonistic, but by now we wouldn’t really expect anything less from these dreadful, dreadful Creeps.