Socioclast - s/t - Download (2021)

Labels: Carbonized
Review by: Alex Deller

Huge-sounding grindcore here from a new band featuring folks who’ve been round the block a few times, and while it mightn’t offer too many surprises it definitely satisfies in terms of land-flattening annihilation. The riffing is thick and soupy, the fast blasts blurring into an all-encompassing murk and the slower segments doing everything they can to swamp your senses, but every once in a while something borderline distinguishable raises a claw (e.g. the awesome rend-and-slurp of ‘Psychodrone’) to illustrate the full horror of what’s happening behind the veil. The vibe is definitely the more political, punked-up end of the grindcore spectrum (I catch whiffs of everything from Assück and Destroy! through to Kill The Client and Backslider) but death metal elements also skulk in here and there … guess that’s what you get when you have folks from In Disgust and Mortuous fighting for oxygen in the same band.