Jail Food John Argetsinger & Sous Chef

I’ve got a little stack of John Argetsinger tapes here and given my current review output rate they should all be done around 2024. The good news is that they will probably all say nice things. Oli used to write up reviews of Mr Argetsinger’s earlier project the Scarecrow Frequency. This was before he found more important things to do than write about music for free for one hundred people. More recently, Mr Argetsinger has released three tapes in 2021 under his own name. On this one he collaborates with “Sous Chef”, Antoine Martel. If you are the kind of person who delights in woozy, sundown comedowns and bleary eyed slowed ponderings then I can tell you it’s a good time to chow down on some jail food.

John and Chef have combined to create some gorgeous sounds here. Gently twinkling guitar eases behind soft synths and warm fuzz. And this takes me back to the sticky summer of 2010 when we had bands like Pure Ecstasy delivering lo-fi rock of a similar nature. I went back to my Pure Ecstasy 7″ review, and there are some real vibes there I tell you what. I like that John and Chef give the game away with their song titles. “Nocturnal” Jack Nicholson nodding gif. “These Northern Lights” nodding intensifies. “Doused in Gasoline and Asleep at the Wheel” YES! Damn this is a good tape. Check back with me in [ED insert time period] and I’ll do the next one, I’m sure it’ll be equally as worth a purchase as the exquisite Jail Food.