Stomatopod crack on with this from the third second of the record. No fucking about figuring out where this is going. They get the riff going instantly. I don’t think I will ever get bored of hearing a band kicking off and bringing along snappy song writing and smart melodies at the same time. Stomatopod deliver that ideal combination of intense, brawny guitar work mixed in with unexpected catchiness. The vocals rather remind me of Car vs Driver. It is the sort of noisy post-hardcore that has sadly fallen by the wayside this century. Musically it sits somewhere between Hot Snakes and Bluetip. Honestly if that doesn’t float your boat then how did you even find this website in the first place. Were you googling about “collecting wine” and typo-ed or something.

There is a mere six tracks on offer but twice they clear the 5 minute mark so you are not being short changed. On the longer efforts the attention is kept as the ‘pod rattle along like a fully loaded SD40. The driver is giving it some tones and I’m more than happy to hear them careen onward until they hit the buffers. Well worth digging into.