Grotesquely hulking and seemingly running on capillary-bursting rage alone, Genocide Pact mightn’t be a subtle proposition but they’re certainly an effective one. Everything lunges, lurks and blasts exactly as it should, the band doffing their greasy cap to the classics (Obituary, Bolt Thrower and Morbid Angel all spring to mind) while shouldering their way rudely in amongst the throng of up-and-coming death metal acts demanding your attention right here and now. Every huge, knobbly riff is wielded with absurd precision and the unremitting brutality is tempered by a smart sense of texture and dynamic. That members have played with the likes of Brain Tourniquet, Disciples Of Christ and Innumerable Forms kinda makes sense when you consider the record’s punkish, up-in-yer-mush immediacy – each song as much an exercise in disgorging existential fear, emptiness and despair as riff after vomitous riff.