Let this one slip by first time around, and can’t really remember why: probably money, probably wrestling with the fact that I maybe don’t need more records, probably something like that. Was impressed when they ripped through town with Electric Chair, though, and since I’d had a few it made for a fairly thought-free transaction. In the cold light of day, my decision holds up. I mean, it mightn’t be quite as wild or aggro as the band’s sweaty, slobbery, mic-gargling live set (seriously, there’s a pandemic, people) but the goods are definitely here: brash, kick-in-the-balls garage punk with a weighty dollop of hardcore antagonism. The riffs jangle like shiny copper pennies being swung in a sock before they connect with your head; the vocals are belligerently slurred and the rhythm section bashes away like holes being punched in drywall. The title track has the whole great stumble-towards-oblivion thing going on and is threaded with malevolent sax, while ‘Drank My Pride’ offers some prime Iggy worship that would come off lame and hackneyed in most hands but here hits you directly between the eyes before hotwiring the reptile part of your brain. What else? I dunno. Recommended if you like The Oblivians, Germs, Poison Idea and punk rock in general, I guess. If you don’t, well, that’s definitely your deficit. What are you even doing here?