Labels: Sorry State
Review by: David Giles

This is something special. Shards are members of Logic Problem, Crossed Eyes, Whatever Brains, and Street Sharks playing catchy and fast – but DARK(!) – hardcore punk. My expectations of melodic punk or fast hardcore were completely blown away. This definitely isn’t like anything I’ve heard in recent memory and I’m sort of at a loss about who or what to compare this to. Probably something like a hybrid of early 80s hardcore (Circle Jerks, Black Flag’s “˜First 4 Years’ sound), The Misfits (the good stuff!) and Christian Death’s “˜Only Theatre of Pain’ darkness. The vocals are really snotty, like a more sardonic Void. I don’t have anything bad to say about this one. Man, I don’t even know! If you’re reading reviews on C-Z try this out and you’ll dig it. Early front runner for my 2011 best LPs list.