I’m not much of an authority on d-beat, or much else for that matter, but I think I know when a band stands out from the rest of the watered-down, uninspired, hollow bullshit that gets passed off as energetic, rollicking, opinion-changing music with a message. Nukkehammer do so thanks to their catchy blasts of raw, blackened, crustified filth from the goddamned wastes of that middle bit of Amerikkka that no one gives a fuck about (a.k.a. Ohio). The sound is great, with no resorting to burying the tunes beneath a total wall of noise, although it still hoardes plenty of grit in the grooves. I’m either going soft or deaf, as my attention did tend to wander off before these seven short tracks had run their course, so it will be interesting to see what a whole LP of this stuff will resemble. Great artwork too.