Powerdove - Arrest - LP (2015)

Labels: Murailles Music – Sickroom
Review by: Captain Fidanza

“œSince its inception in 2007, (Powerdove) has grown from a band of one to one band: of color in a spectrum, of frequency between towers, of bodies reaching toward some abiding vision of nature. From these issue the voices, loves, and frayed truths that define the Powerdove sound.”

The above words were part of the email that accompanied this, meaning somebody currently on planet Earth actually took the time to sit down and write them. Let’s examine them in detail:

1) They spelt colour incorrectly “” basic error.

2) “œFrequency between towers” “” has no meaning.

3) “œBodies reaching toward some abiding vision of nature” “” fuck off hippie, wars are brilliant.

4) “œFrayed truths” “” fuck off more like.

Distressingly, after reading that ridiculous horseshit, I actually really enjoyed the music, consisting as it does, of a dazzling kaleidoscope of sounds all cooed over by a woman with a beautifully delicate voice.

Words “” 0.1/10

Music “” 10/10