This was apparently released in 2012, made its way to CZ in 2014 and is being reviewed by me, here, in 2015, so clearly Numbskull Action care about as much as we do about being on the cutting edge of things. Musically, they play some pretty great garage rock: a sloppy, poorly-recorded mix of The Kids, The Saints, The Ramones and Thee Headcoats that benefits from its inadequacies as much as it revels in them (“cheap equipment + cheap beer = Numbskull Action,” proudly proclaim they). Cuts like ‘I Don’t Wanna Fight’ and ‘Don’t Go’ are proper bloody kickers and sound like punked-up Back From The Grave numbers, demonstrating that while it’s all a lumpen, thrown-together mess these rockers can’t half pen some bloody good tunes when they put their (numb)skulls to it.