What to say about Norms? That they are chaos, I suppose: a tangled, mangled, zig-zag of brilliant sound that can, in the space of a minute-long song, beg comparisons to Palatka, Confuse, Born Against and Raped Teenagers. Exhaustingly fast and dissonant to the point of nosebleed there is, nonetheless, a warped kind of logic at play and a knack for writing songs that all the vitriol in the world can’t disguise. Thing is, though, you need a saint’s patience and fighter pilot’s focus to keep the record spinning until this thunderbolt of realisation is finally allowed to strike. This is no small demand given how brain-rottingly corrosive it all is, or how the track ‘Miről szól’ possesses the power to make its two-and-a-bit-minute runtime stretch on and on into an agonizing, appalling eternity.