Three more rippers from Wrong War, and at this point they’re feeling pretty unstoppable. Title track ‘On Further Reflection’ clocks in at five minutes, which (I think?) makes it the band’s most ‘epic’ work to date. It simmers and seethes, the choppy riffs and driving pace nodding to their past work while the vocal cadences and intermittent melodic prods recall Matt’s past work with Calvary. At the half-way point things make an interesting pivot, the band tipping themselves into a swirling, motorik, feedback-threaded section that seems equal parts Neu! and Gray Matter. After this we’re on more familiar but no less fantastic turf, with ‘The Call’ blasting away like Articles Of Faith if they were caught between ‘Give Thanks’ and ‘In This Life’. ‘Darkness Flags Unfold’, meanwhile, bridges both worlds, opening with a paranoia-inducing drumbeat and exploding into a series of fist-in-the-air moments before closing out on another cool atypical note.