The ten-track debut from End Reign is an absolute slab: a dense, lead-heavy blast of metallic hardcore that sounds like Integrity colliding head-on with Dismember. The Integ comparison should really come as no surprise since main dude Domenic Romeo can also be found in the band’s ever-undulating ranks, and Dwid himself put in a vocal turn on the album’s most overt bow to Cleveland’s most infamous export, ‘Giving Life To Tragedy’. Elsewhere there’s talk of messiahs, prophets, the astral plane, ritual delirium and abominations in human form: suitably apocalyptic fare for an album that raises up riffs like pillars of flame and hurls forth solos powerful enough to split the heavens wide open. It’s mighty stuff indeed, but then what else might you expect from a band whose members have served with the likes of Bloodlet, Pulling Teeth, Pig Destroyer, All Out War and Noisem?