Drill for Absentee - s/t - 7

Labels: MindWalk
Review by: Andy Malcolm

Another old record, but we’re on a roll now, and I wanna give this record some check. Yo! First up we have: “This Process Will Make Chicago Wave It’s Little Hand”. And you have the band playing arty post-hardcore with twinkly parts, and I don’t really know many bands that sound like this. Mercury Program? Who I think are supposed to be rip offs of June of 44, so there you go, I don’t know. Excellent talky vocals that are bringing back Chris Leo like he was in Native Nod, and lots of repetitive riffage that is wont to occasionally explode into waves of power to get you rocking back and forth. For a closer to home namecheck: Reynolds.

But the real reason you want to own this record is the flip, “Detunist” – starts off minimal and subtle, breaking in some extra instruments eversoeverso quietly. Then they add the whispery vocals, and everything is just so slowly pulsing away. Then, suddenly, they up the volume, the rhythmic talking becomes more prominent, and you’re really getting the sway on as everything builds up, and gets noisier. Anyways, Reiziger almost sounded this good on their latest album.

Top stuff, and lovely thick cardboard packaging.