Hateful, belligerent hardcore that’s effectively summed up by blunt, no-nonsense song titles like ‘Strangle You’, ‘Make Them Pay’ and ‘Stomp On Me’. The vocals are hectoring and confrontational, while the music scrapes and jangles like glass being ground to powder just before it’s added to batches of babyfood. The loose, rangy, couldn’t-give-two-shites attitude smacks of the more tougher-sounding KBD bands, but the meanness is all hardcore – like early Poison Idea ripped through a Nubs wringer, or an unbathed, ungroomed iteration of Career Suicide at their absolute tetchiest. It’s taken me long enough to get my act together and review this thing that it seems to be sold out, but fret not – I believe La Vida Es Un Mus are prepping a much-needed reissue.