Had it in my head that Laces Out sounded kinda Shotmaker-y, but while there are maybe some dotted lines to that great, dead band the tracks on ‘Roger Podacter’ instead suggest the stringier workings of Drive Like Jehu’s ‘Yank Crime’, or maybe a sass-less Rye Coalition. Each song is lean and brief, built on great, springy guitar lines but hinging on the singer’s apparent disbelief at what is unfolding around him: ‘Brick By Brick’, for example, sounds like a man on the phone trying to explain what is happening while his house slides off a cliff and into the sea. Barring the Quarterstick Records mope n’ mumble present in closing track ‘Ox’ everything feels hurled and hurtled, promising a rousing electric jolt for anyone who likes their post-hardcore sharp, jittery and capable of kicking like a goddamn mule.